Company Profile

release date:2019/12/09

Beijing Lvchuang Environmental Protection Equipment Co., Ltd. was established in 1998 and registered in Zhongguancun Science and Technology Park. The current registered capital is 10,067,000 yuan. It is a backbone enterprise specializing in the prevention and control of atmospheric pollution under the Beijing Lvchuang Environmental Protection Group. The company is a national high-tech enterprise, listed on the national SME stock transfer system. Stock code: 430004.

The company is mainly engaged in (1) automotive exhaust system assembly, in-use vehicle transformation, and improved vehicle NVH; (2) research and development, design, manufacturing, and sales of diesel engine aftertreatment systems (SCR \ PDF \ DOC \ POC); (3) ) Purification and recovery of organic waste gas (VOCs); (4) Purification of industrial dust. The company currently has 5 national registered environmental engineers, 8 senior engineers, 28 engineers, 15 intermediate and senior technicians, and has obtained the environmental engineering design level A qualification certificate issued by the Ministry of Construction, and has passed occupational health and safety, quality, and environmental protection. Standard integration certification, TS16949 quality system certification. Participated in the preparation of many national, industrial and local standards.

In the field of diesel aftertreatment, the company has fully mastered various mainstream technologies (SCR \ DPF \ DOC \ POC) and related technology integration, and can provide customers with system solutions. The self-developed SCR system can meet the national and national emission control requirements specified in GB17691-2005 standards, and is cost-effective, stable and reliable. Has been successfully applied to Weichai Engine, Dayun heavy truck.

In the field of industrial waste gas treatment, the company has a number of patented technologies such as catalytic combustion, adsorption and recovery, has the ability to undertake comprehensive atmospheric environmental treatment projects, and can provide users with reasonable technical routes and engineering compliance inspection system solutions. Successfully served the shipbuilding industry, petroleum and petrochemical, pharmaceutical, coating, automotive, printing, storage battery, metallurgy, building materials, power, military and other industries.

In the field of industrial soot and dust purification, the world's most advanced multi-composite indoor air purification technology such as "mixed flow, decomposition, catalysis, and corona" in Germany is applied, and the company's nearly 20 years of technology accumulation has been developed to develop energy-saving LC-HY series air filter. Has applied for national patents. Products are energy-saving, simple and efficient. We provide professional purification equipment and system solutions for customers in the fields of welding, cutting, grinding, spraying, casting, chemical industry, wood processing, tobacco, ceramics, papermaking and other fields. The company's series of dust removal equipment has been exported to Japan, India and other countries.

The company has a modern production base, with a factory building of 25,000m², with an annual output of 300,000 sets of automobile exhaust system assemblies and 100,000 sets of SCR systems and related products. It also has the ability to produce large industrial components.

The company has always maintained cooperation with Peking University, Beijing Institute of Technology, Beijing Institute of Labor Protection, Institute of Acoustics, Chinese Academy of Sciences, Tianjin Sooke, and other research institutes and testing units to enhance the company's ability to continue to innovate. At present, the company has a number of research and development platforms, such as an acoustic laboratory, an atmospheric test room, an engine bench test room, and a vehicle test environment warehouse, to ensure the company's experimental research and technology development and provide better services to customers.