LC-XC-Ⅲ Catalytic Purification Equipment for Organic Waste Gas

Product modelLC-XC-Ⅲ

Basic performance

Exhaust gas concentration mg / m³:> 500-1500Exhaust gas temperature ℃:<50Purification efficiency%:> 95

LC-XC-Ⅲ type device is the third-generation organic waste gas purification device developed by Lutron. It integrates three processes of carbon fiber adsorption and concentration, hot air desorption and catalytic oxidation. It is suitable for high air volume, low concentration of benzenes and ketones Purification of a variety of organic gases such as aldehydes, aldehydes, alcohols, etc., the treated gas meets national emission standards, and this technology has obtained national key environmental protection and practical technology. The operation of the device is automatically controlled by PLC, which enables the desorption cycle in the purification system and the waste heat cycle after the catalytic reaction to run continuously without stopping.

It is suitable for the spraying operation of automobile, motorcycle, bicycle and other industries, furniture, containers, construction machinery and other industries, as well as other exhaust gas treatment with large air volume, low concentration, and no recycling value.


Equipment modelLC-XC-Ⅲ-8KLC-XC-Ⅲ-10KLC-XC-Ⅲ-15KLC-XC-Ⅲ-20KLC-XC-Ⅲ-30KLC-XC-Ⅲ-40KLC-XC-Ⅲ-60K
Handling air volumem³/h8000100001500020000300004000060000
Exhaust typeBenzene, alcohol, ketone, aldehyde, phenol, etc.
Exhaust gas concentrationmg/m³500~1500
Exhaust gas temperature℃<50
Purification efficiency%>95
Equipment resistancePa<2000
devicelong mm2600380038003500530053008100
width mm2600260026002800280028002800
height mm2600290029003000300030003000