LC-LT Series Sink Filter Dust Collector

Product modelLC-LT series

Basic performance


The filter cartridge is used as a filter element. Based on the application of the old-style dust collector, the new product developed by our company has been favored by users for its best operating parameters of high air volume, high efficiency, low pressure and low loss resistance. It has significant features such as advanced technology, compact structure, emission standards, less land occupation, low investment and low operating costs. The unique design of the dust collector, from the heavy structure of the sink box to the simple sealing cap for easy maintenance and replacement, all strive to simplify its maintenance, shorten its downtime as much as possible, and make the cartridge replacement and replacement safe and quick. Therefore, this dust collector is also the easiest to maintain among all the domestic dust collectors.

The equipment is widely used in metallurgy, mining, cement, electric power, building materials, machinery processing, grain processing and other industries.