LC-PL series mechanical vibration bag type dust collector

Product modelLC-PL series

Basic performance


LC-PL series stand-alone dust removal equipment is a novel product developed and improved based on the dust removal equipment imported from abroad. It is a small size and high efficiency dust removal unit. The main technical indicators of this product have reached the domestic advanced level, and the product has been sold all over the country and exported to foreign countries. It is welcomed by customers.

This series of products are widely used in dust removal in the foundry industry, ceramics industry, glass industry, electrostatic spraying, refractory materials, cement building materials, grinding wheel manufacturing, chemical pharmaceuticals, machining, sintered cast steel, mining metallurgy and other industries. Metal chips, foundry sands (such as lathes, grinders, milling machines, grinders, polishing machines, etc.) and medium-weight dusts (such as cement, ceramic powder, gypsum powder, charcoal powder, pigment, bakelite powder, plastic powder, etc.) and Non-fibrous dust with a small specific gravity has a good dust removal effect, and the purification efficiency of the unit is greater than 99.5%.