LC-NJ series viscose fiber (cellophane) exhaust gas purification and recovery system

Product modelLC-NJ series

Basic performance

Exhaust gas concentration mg / m³:> 1000Exhaust gas temperature ℃:<40Purification efficiency%:> 90
Equipment modelLC- NJ-30LC-NJ-50LC- NJ-80
Handling air volumem³/h300005000080000
Exhaust typeWith H2S, CS2 exhaust
Exhaust gas concentrationmg/m³>1000
Exhaust gas temperature℃<40
Purification efficiency%>90
Equipment resistancePa<3000

This equipment is dedicated to the purification and recovery of sulfur-containing exhaust gas from viscose fiber plants. The process is divided into two processes: desulfurization (removal of hydrogen sulfide) and adsorption recovery (recovery of carbon disulfide). Carbon disulfide can be recycled and reused, while hydrogen sulfide is converted into high-quality elemental sulfur for recycling. This equipment is independently developed by our company. It is different from the traditional process to convert hydrogen sulfide to sodium sulfide to avoid secondary pollution and has extremely high economic and social benefits.