LC-RTO Regenerative Oxidation Waste Gas Purification System

Product modelLC-RTO

Basic performance

Exhaust gas concentration mg / m³:> 1000Exhaust gas temperature ℃:not requiredPurification efficiency%:> 98

RTO (Regenerative Thermal Oxidizer) treatment equipment is suitable for high-concentration organic waste gas, coating waste gas, malodorous waste gas purification treatment; suitable for frequent changes in the composition of the waste gas or the exhaust gas contains components that cause catalyst poisoning or activity degradation; halogen halogen Compounds and other corrosive organic gases. RTO is to oxidize organic waste gas to CO2 and H2O at high temperature (≥750 ° C) to purify the waste gas and recover the heat released during the decomposition (heat recovery rate is greater than 95%) to achieve the dual purpose of environmental protection and energy saving.

If processing low-concentration exhaust gas, an optional concentrating device can be installed to reduce oxidation consumption.


Equipment modelLC- RTO-10LC- RTO-20LC- RTO-30LC- RTO-40LC- RTO-50
Handling air volumem³/h1000020000300004000050000
Exhaust typeBenzene, alcohol, ester, ketone, aldehyde, phenol, etc.
Exhaust gas concentrationmg/m³>1000
Exhaust gas temperature℃Does not require
Purification efficiency%>98
Equipment resistancePa<3000