LC-FS series zeolite runner exhaust gas purification equipment

Product modelLC-FS series

Basic performance

Exhaust gas concentration mg / m³:> 500Exhaust gas temperature ℃:<40Purification efficiency%:> 95
Equipment modelLC- FS-20LC- FS-32LC-FS-40
Handling air volumem³/h200005000090000
Exhaust typeBenzene, alcohol, ester, ketone, aldehyde, phenol, etc.
Exhaust gas concentrationmg/m³>500
Exhaust gas temperature℃<40
Purification efficiency%>95
Equipment resistancePa<2000

This equipment uses a zeolite runner to adsorb organic waste gas. The heat-resistant temperature of the runner can be as high as 800 ° C, and it will never burn. The adsorption capacity is large. By one-twentieth, the concentration of organic waste gas can be effectively increased, which can greatly reduce the investment cost of organic waste gas treatment equipment, and at the same time can greatly reduce the operating cost of catalytic combustion treatment of waste gas. It is suitable for the spraying operation of automobiles, motorcycles, bicycles and other industries, furniture, containers, engineering machinery and other industries, as well as other exhaust gas treatment with large air volume and relatively stable air volume. It can also be used for organic solvent recovery in petrochemical, chemical, electronics, tanning, printing and other industries.